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RoadRates is the world’s best place to find rates for trucking and inland haulage online. We cooperate with top roadfreight companies worldwide to provide flawless and instant service to book a vehicle for international or last-mile delivery.

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FCL Trucking

An important part of multimodal shipping – to deliver containers on trucks between ports and terminals and final warehouses.
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FTL Haulage

The most universal way of land delivery with full loading, domestic or international, in different types of vehicles and trailer sizes.
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LTL Delivery

Economical way to deliver small quantities of goods or packages within one or several countries by road, using the consolidation method.
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The biggest range of trucking services unites all haulage services available in the world for different industries, types of cargo and specialized requirements. Importers and exporters find the needed solutions for their road freight, whatever it is.

Transparent Carriers’ rating system

Authentic methodology for objective ratings of transport companies and customer reviews, helping to do the right choice. Each completed transaction is assessed by the client and contains detailed transportation details.

Passing loads and open truck positions has a unique visual mapping of loads and available transport, where thousands of shippers and carriers can communicate between each other, efficiently plan their loads and consolidate shipments.

Customer service team available 24/7 powerful network of support team managers has its priority to provide the best-in-class support service on any level customer may need. No matter what the question is, or even a problem arises – we will be there to help.

Special trucking rates for repeated customers

Those shippers who use regularly to book their freight get a higher chance to become preferred customers and receive special pricing for every route they need delivery on. This is also valid for bigger volumes at a time.

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Easy road haulage calculation

Get your quote in seconds and feel the proximity of the shipping solution on your fingertips. Best rates from the world’s leading transport companies operating their truck fleets exactly where you need them.

Easy requests and shipment management

Every shipper using RoadRates Virtual Office has their own free dashboard to manage everything in one place. All the shipments, requests and communication organized in the intuitive interface allows to save time and visual distance between actions, which results to the higher efficiency in all the supply chain processes.

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Logistics Explorer

A universal shipping quotation platform with online booking function, Logistics Explorer is a one-stop-shop solution to onboard every import or export booking directly with a logistics provider. It processes the market analysis internally, using machine learning algorithms and AI elements to output the optimal result much faster than any human can do.

Cargo Tracking has a unique tool to track inland shipments. Road Cargo Tracking is sourced from the trucking companies directly according to their original identificators, such as plate number, waybill number, container number and others. Complementing Route Planner feature allows any new trucking company to synchronize own data and effectively output it for a customer in the visual view.

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Our Apps

Logistics Explorer

The platform, combining rate search engine and online booking features, calculating road freight 24/7 and helping truckers to sell their services more effectively. LE can be integrated on any kind of website, and it is very popular with customers.

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Road Cargo Tracking

A unique product, which tracks consignments shipped by road in the real time. Just use the ID provided to you by the trucker, who passes the information digitally, and see the current location of your cargo on the map with the route and events, passed and expected.

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Load Calculator

This application solves the problem of optimal loading of the cargo inside the vehicle, whether palletized or not. Load Calculator has a friendly and clear interface, builds the 3D model of every stuffing and works with square and round objects.

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B2B Online Store

A place for international sellers to list their products which are selected by the potential buyers abroad together with shipping cost calculation. The app simplifies the workflow from the stage of product selection to the stage of stuffing and logistics.

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Cargo Wizard

If you are the shipper – let your daily routine be automated with this beautiful app. Pick your preset items from your standard packing lists, see them efficiently stuffed into a truck, calculate the total cost of shipping and generate all paperwork right from there.

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Route Planner

It is an extension to the Tracking App, which automates synchronization with trucker’s database, builds routes on map and assigns events together with accurate timing of every of them, so that the customer can see the detailed cargo tracking all along the delivery.

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Check the efficiency delivered to you by the powerful RoadRates Apps and feel the “before-after” effect. We stay in touch with all our customers around the world to receive an actual constructive feedback to constantly make our solutions even better.